On a cozy, rainy morning


Today is just as causal as always… finally have some rain, along with those horrible winds. For being a petite person I seriously feel like I’m about to fly away. I’m cuddling up at home catching up on my all time fave (yet over watched) tv soap opera Desperate Housewives. I swear, I could watch this all day. I had my morning coffee and it was great. I’m feeling rather emotional today, not sure if it’s the rain or the pregnancy hormones…or maybe both? Whichever the case, I will continue with the day and enjoy it. I hope you all have a great day and I will check back later. Xo 

Ps. Yes; that gorgeous boy there is my son. 🥶

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Welcome world

Okay, so hi. My name is Julie, or Jules. I’m a young mommy, wife of a truck driver. I’m a California girl… though I actually quite hate it here. (Too many people am I right?) I created a blog to connect and share my thoughts with other people out there, possibly other moms? I currently stay at home and I love it. I have three amazing kids and one more on the way (yes, I need a new hobby). On the rare occasion where I get to have some “me-time” I like to read, blog or search up new recipes. Cooking is my passion and possibly the only thing I’m actually good at (lol). I spend most of time doing house work, errands or wiping baby tush—how exciting. I look forward to sharing my world with you (from my iPhone) although I predict a new laptop soon? I will post updates based on life, mom world, wife world, food posts and possibly some selfies? I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to sharing! XOXOXO —JULES 😉


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